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Casandra Workman, Co-President

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Casandra Workman

About Casandra Workman

Cassie Workman has been a CCSD teacher for 15 years, with a Bachelor's of Science in Education with a focus on English, and a Master's in Technology in Education. She is co-president of the Southern Nevada Society of Journalists, and has advised yearbooks at Shadow Ridge and Centennial High School, and newspapers at Morris Sunset East and Shadow Ridge High Schools. She was recognized as a Certified Journalism Educator (CJE) in 2012, and hopes to expand journalistic achievement in Clark County and promoting the importance of yearbook and newspaper programs. She currently teaches Graphic Design at Centennial, and in her spare time, she likes to watch Big Bang Theory, take pictures, and try new things. She has four furry children: her dogs, Darcy and Newton Winston, and her two cats, Reese and Jasper.