Journalism Honors and Recognition

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Casandra Workman, Co-President

Our students do so much work throughout the school year, and as such, their hard work should be recognized and celebrated.

There are a few ways to recognize students who participate in newspaper and yearbook. The Quill and Scroll International Honor Society recognizes students who have made significant and meaningful contributions to the newspaper or yearbook. Quill and Scroll students must meet specific minimum requirements for membership but are members for life. This is a great way to officially recognize students for their work through an outside organization.

Some schools also offer club letters for students who participate on the newspaper or yearbook staff. If a school doesn’t already offer this, talk with the activities and/or curriculum office about starting this as a tradition. Create clear guidelines for the staff about how they can earn a letter, and be consistent. This is another way for students to receive recognition, one that they can show off to friends and family.

Although these are just two ways to recognize our students for their hard work, there are many other things we can do to make sure students feel appreciated and celebrated. In the long run, it only helps make a program stronger.

Casandra Workman

About Casandra Workman

Cassie Workman has been a CCSD teacher for 15 years, with a Bachelor's of Science in Education with a focus on English, and a Master's in Technology in Education. She is co-president of the Southern Nevada Society of Journalists, and has advised yearbooks at Shadow Ridge and Centennial High School, and newspapers at Morris Sunset East and Shadow Ridge High Schools. She was recognized as a Certified Journalism Educator (CJE) in 2012, and hopes to expand journalistic achievement in Clark County and promoting the importance of yearbook and newspaper programs. She currently teaches Graphic Design at Centennial, and in her spare time, she likes to watch Big Bang Theory, take pictures, and try new things. She has four furry children: her dogs, Darcy and Newton Winston, and her two cats, Reese and Jasper.