Utilizing Adobe Spark

Incorporating simple multimedia into your staff toolbox

Matthew LaPorte, Co-President

Adobe Spark is a new multimedia tool that can serve several purposes for your publications. Whether it be generating a video to advertise your yearbook or accompany a feature story, or to make a graphic for an Instagram post to market your stories, there are a ton of ways your staff can utilize this FREE tool.

You can choose to work from the desktop version at spark.adobe.com or you can download from the Apple Store one of the three individual apps: Spark Post, Spark Page, or Spark Video. It is unfortunately not available for Android.

My students thought initially that it only existed for a single purpose: to make a slideshow. But once they watched the video below and started tinkering, they found that it was more than just a single-purpose app. At the link, you can watch an example from a Southwest Shadow columnist. 


About Matthew LaPorte

Matthew LaPorte is the current adviser of the Southwest Shadow online news site and The Howl yearbook at Southwest Career and Technical Academy. He is also the co-President of SNSJ. One of his goals as a founding member of SNSJ is to help create a network of students and advisers who can share their expertise and share the benefits of participating in scholastic journalism in Southern Nevada. When he is not working, Matt enjoys heading off to The Pearl or to The Joint to relive his teenage years rocking out.